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Myths about handicaps and why get one

"I only golf for fun. I don't need one."

All the more reason to get one! It's another level of fun with a handicap. You can play friendly side games with golf buddies, enter a fundraising tournament, and even compete in a WA Golf Championship!

"Handicaps are only for really good golfers"

Any golfer, whether they're a seasoned golfer or just starting out, can establish a handicap any time. 

"I'm not good enough"

Want to get better? Posting your scores consistently using the GHIN app gives you a visual tool to track progress and play history. You'll be more in tune with your game which will help you improve.

How do I get started?

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Get a GHIN Number

Sign up for a GHIN number. Download the GHIN app and create your member profile.

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Post your scores

Post three 18-hole rounds, six 9-hole rounds, or a 54-hole combination. 

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Check the app

After posting your minimum rounds, your Handicap Index will be calculated. Play, post, repeat!

Why get a USGA GHIN Handicap?

USGA GHIN Handicap is widely trusted and accepted by golfers and competitive events worldwide.

Unlike other handicapping services, the USGA and WA Golf have oversight processes to ensure that scores posted are verifiable and Handicap Indexes closely reflect a golfer's potential, helping to maintain the game's integrity.

No upfront payment required. Offer ends March 31, 2023.

* New members only. Offer not valid for individuals with an active GHIN number or for individuals renewing or reactivating a previously active GHIN number

Your free trial will end May 31, 2023. You'll have an opportunity to extend your membership at $53 per year as an Associate member. Skip the trial, sign me up for the full year.

Offer not valid for Youth on Course or U on Course memberships.